Brief History

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Our school was established on May 10, 1933 which is located in JiaLan village, Jingong township, Taitung county. Its precursor was an elementary school for indigenous kids in Japanese regime. In 1968, it was renamed as “ JiaLan Elementery School , Taitung County.” The lyric of the folk song which the period from 1961-1971 says “ A breeze wafted some clouds cross Jia Lan village, the hills and the river are around there, too.” That song can entirely describe the beauty of the scene around our school, too.
There are eighty-eight peoples includes both elementary school and kindergarten. All members of the school are Taiwan aborigine, Payuan especially. So our buildings show a lot of totem includes hundred-pacer and lily, and so on. In order to emphasize the aborigine culture, one of our school education points is to be paid a lot of attention to promote and continue our native education. Our Payuan dance team, as a result, has many outstanding performances in the national Payuan dance competition every year.
We also promote reading in order to improve the student grade and spread study range. So there are many corners everywhere in school can find books for the students to read. And we arranged many reading activities. We hope that our students were brought up to love reading; and further, as a habit. So our school was appointed as reading center in Taitung, and to responsible for reading promotion in Taitung.
We hope that our students can self-understanding from school education, and realize what they want to be in the future.